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Helping businesses to grow


I provide expert everything-QuickBooks services. In business since 2001, I have supported the growth of hundreds of organizations, including retailers, wholesalers, franchisees, professional services, military, government, property investors, non-profits, and dozens of contractor disciplines. Advanced, Enterprise and Online QuickBooks certified, I foster the reputation of being small businesses' Preferred Business Services Provider by consistently delivering honest solutions.


Three Real Customer Cases...


  • Scenario: Client (referred by existing client) had purchased a $30,000 contractor-specific software package with $2,000 annual support. Client called to say that the software was too complicated and did not work as the sales person said it would. Client said that the support was not local and was unsatisfactory.
  • Solution: Moved client to QuickBooks Premier for Contractors, and client is satisfied with software and support, proven by referral to his accountant who has subsequently referred additional clients.
  • Savings: Client had $30,000 refunded, saving approximately $28,000 on the software. Annual support cost was reduced from $2,000/year to $180/year.


  • Scenario: Client (referred by accountant) believed they were power users (they are!) but wanted to spend a couple hours to see what processes I could improve.
  • Solution: Met with client and tweaked existing system, including automating some processes that were previously done manually. Also, customized their QuickBooks invoice form that enabled them to move from printing invoices onto pre-printed forms to printing invoices directly from QuickBooks.
  • Savings: Client tells me that their cost was reduced from 22 cents per invoice to 8 cents per invoice.


  • Scenario: Client (referred through networking association) believed themselves to be intermediate-level users of QuickBooks but said that “there must be a better way” because this one-man HVAC shop owner and his wife were spending all their evenings and weekends doing paperwork.
  • Solution: Evaluation of existing processes revealed heavy use of Word and Excel documents as well as insufficient use of QuickBooks. When this project was completed (five days later), 100% of Word/Excel processes were moved to QuickBooks and the QuickBooks setup was tweaked to automate many functions so that this couple could complete all operations work during normal business hours.
  • Savings: Priceless!


helping businesses to grow



  • Complimentary consulting to assure you secure the correct version of QuickBooks
  • No obligation best pricing averaging 35% off retail (no cut is taken on this sale as my way of giving back to the small business community)
  • QuickBooks implementations using proven project management tools
  • System use audit
  • One-on-one training
  • Q&A sessions
  • Interview QuickBooks staff
  • Monthly or weekly bookkeeping maintenance plans

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